Kootenay Knitting

Where a story is woven into each piece.

Continuously expanding the outdoor journey of discovery and freedom, this knitwear brings exhilaration as well as fullfillment into every collection-bluring the boundaries between people and culture, uniting those who enjoy being outside.

Featuring the absolute highest quality ensuring the warmth, fit, comfort and durability you demand. A collection that includes total comfort wrapped in a perfect fit with style and detail. Kootenay Knitting is proudly made in the Kootenays, BC, Canada. You can find Kootenay Knitting at

The Bear and The Butterfly
214 Banff Avenue | Banff, AB | T1L 1C3 | 403 762 8911


Kootenay Knitting Kootenay Knitting Kootenay Knitting Kootenay Knitting

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