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On Tape, Living with Bison: Part Two

Program: On Tape

The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies hosted a conversation, brought to you by Bison Belong, about what the re-introduction of bison (buffalo) would mean for Banff National Park. In part two of this presentation, a round-table panel discusses their varied perspectives on the issue as well as welcome audience questions and comments. The panel includes Bill Hunt, Parks Canada; Leslie Taylor, Consultant; Harvey Locke, Trustee, The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation; Cliff White, Research Director, Canadian Rockies Bison Initiative; Gord Vaadeland, Executive Director of the Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards, SK; and Tim O'Donoghue, Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. The event is mediated by Bill Luxton.
Check out the Bison Belong website: http://www.bisonbelong.ca/


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