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Alpine Authors, Stephen Legault- The Darkening Archipelago

Program: Alpine Authors

Salmon fisher and elder in the tiny First Nations community of Port Lostcoast, Archie Ravenwing has gone missing and is presumed drowned in a storm in the Broughton Archipelago. Cole Blackwater heads to his memorial, and while he’s there they discover Archie’s boat, and suddenly everything isn’t as it seemed. Was Archie murdered? And what does his death have to do with the local fish-farming industry?
Author Stephen Legault talks with Alpine Author’s host Allan Buckingham about ‘The Darkening Archipelago’ and his desire to create mystery books with an environmental theme.
 This is the third book being featured in the run up to En Vino Novellus, March 20th. Find out more about En Vino Novellus at: http://www.vino-novellus.com/
For more on Stephen Legault visit: http://www.stephenlegault.com/


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