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A Mountain View - March 5 ‘11

Program: Miscellaneous

In this week's Mountain View, Frank Slyde shares his thoughts on winter safety in the mountains and knowing your limits, or knowing that Mother Earth has none.
A Mountain View airs Saturday mornings around 8:15.


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Bison Hour

Program: Miscellaneous

Alex Mueller had been living in the Bow Valley for many years but originally hails from Central Alberta where his family owns a bison farm. With all the talk of bison reintroduction in Banff National Park, we thought it would be appropriate for Alex to come in and share some of his own experience about living around bison. He brought his guitar so he'll play a couple tunes and tell some stories about the bison's great history.
Find out more about bison re-introduction at: http://www.bisonbelong.ca/


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Alpine Authors, Christine Thorpe- The Fact of Belonging

Program: Alpine Authors

This week, the first of 3 interviews of authors featured at En Vino Novellus, Christine Thorpe. Host Allan Buckingham talks with Christine about her book 'The Fact of Belonging'. Allan and Christine talk about the importance of story and the varied meanings of love as they talk about Chloe and her mother Mimi, the main characters in the book. 
Find out more about Christine Thorpe and her book 'The Fact of Belonging' by visiting: http://www.tinypinkproductions.com/


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Off the Beaten Track - March 3 ‘11

Program: Off the Beaten Track

This week, Michelle Macullo speaks with ecosystem scientist John Gosse about the success story of the pine marten clawing its way back to Terra Nova National Park. Steve Malins will also talk about the Cave and Basin National Historic Site of Canada and the internment camps exhibit.


Direct Download: Off the Beaten Track - March 3 ‘11

On Tape, Pat Morrow: Life as an Adventure Photographer

Program: On Tape

Adventure photographer Pat Morrow gave a presentation at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian RockiesA passionate advocate for wilderness preservation and social justice, Pat Morrow has enjoyed a 35-year career that defines adventure journalism. As a climber he forged challenging new routes, while his natural curiosity and keen storytelling sense took him not only to the top of the world as a member of Canada’s first Mount Everest expedition in 1982, but also to be the first to climb the highest mountain on each continent.


Direct Download: On Tape, Pat Morrow: Life as an Adventure Photographer

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