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Affecting You- June 10,10

Program: Affecting You

On the show this week, Grant Canning announces a couple more of the recipients of the Heritage Tourism Awards and we talk to Sarah Emeligi about some news regarding the grizzly bear recovery plans in Alberta. Canadian artist Jean Sheppard talks about her exhibit at the Willock and Sax Gallery and Yuki Tsutsui introduces Japanese Traditional Folk Music with the group performing around BC and Alberta. We also have Bob Walker in to give some tips on mountain running, Leah Pengelly talks about Antarctica and we get a Mountain View with Frank Slide.


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Alpine Authors-Faye Reinberg Holt

Program: Alpine Authors

Faye Reineberg Holt's new book Canada's Rocky Mountains: A History In Photographs takes a look at the history of the Rocky Mountains through photographs.  Find out why she wrote it, and how she decided what to include. 

For more information on Faye Reineberg Holt visit: http://www.wordsandhistory.ca/


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Robert Sinclair: Dust of Days

Program: On Tape

Take a tour with Canadian artist Robert Sinclair as he reflects on his career to date through his work. The interactive tour through his exhibit at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is an insightful and open look at his work over the past four decades.


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Off the Beaten Track- June 4,10

Program: Off the Beaten Track

This week, Michelle talks with aquatic specialist Charlie Pacas about fishing season and what lives in the park's water bodies. Lori Dowling also gives us an update on the 94 year-old Haida totem pole and it's trip back home to the Haida Nation.


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Affecting You- June 3,10

Program: Affecting You

This week, Claire Wilkinson announces a few of the recipients of the Heritage Tourism Awards, Farren Whittaker begins his new segment Until You're a Local and Leah gives us an update on sports. We also have Steve Michel in to talk about the recent death of Bear 109 on the tracks and we give a review of the conference held last week on the status of the grizzly recovery in Alberta. Terry Antoniek speaks with us about water and Andy Winfield shares another Mountain View.

For more information on the Upper Bow Basin study, check out Brad Stelfox's presentation at: http://podcast.parkradio.ca/index.php?post_category=On%20Tape

For more information on the report authored by Jeff Gailus, check out http://y2y.net/


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Alpine Authors - Jeff Gailus

Program: Alpine Authors

Jeff Gailus is a Calgary based writer and environmentalist who has been following and studying Grizzly Bears for over 10 years. His new book 'The Grizzly Manifesto' takes a look at the Grizzly in Alberta and the political situation that surrounds it.

For more information on Jeff Gailus visit: http://www.gailus.ca


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