About Us

Park Radio 101.1 FM - in English

Radio du Parc 103.3 FM - in French.

Park Radio is a key educational outreach program for the Friends of Banff National Park. Through innovative programming with community partners, Park Radio reaches more than one million Park visitors and residents every year - a vital communications tool for relaying stories and issues relating to Banff National Park. 


To produce and broadcast entertaining, informative and educational radio programming about the natural and cultural history of Banff National Park and surrounding regions; and to inspire audiences to take an active role in the stewardship of their natural environment.

What we do

While Park Radio is a key communication tool for Parks Canada, the range of programming goes well beyond Banff National Park issues to cover ecological and cultural topics with a wider relevance. Along with core information such as weather and trail reports, Park Radio creates an extensive range of safety messages, historical vignettes, interpretive features, scientific documentaries and poetry readings.

Throughout the year, Park Radio works with a wide range of partners to create and broadcast engaging and educational radio programs. Partners include Parks Canada, The Banff Centre, environmental organizations, appropriate commercial sponsors, community groups, local and provincial governments, and heritage organizations.

With four million people passing through the Park each year, the communication opportunity for Park Radio is tremendous. Equipped with a high powered frequency, Park Radio features a broad range of programming, daily updates, widespread broadcast coverage, and world wide availability via internet streaming.