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New and Upcoming on Park Radio

The staff at Park Radio have been hard at work creating interesting and educational programming for its listeners. The following winter months will ensure some intriguing and fun, yet informative listening. Allan Buckingham’s show Alpine Authors has featured a fascinating interview with author Jon Turk, who for thirty-five years has wandered through exotic and remote regions of the planet and returned to write and speak about his adventures, the people, and the environments that he has encountered. Allan also had the chance to chat with local nature photographer Peter Dettling. His newest book entitled “The Will of the Land” can be found in the Friends of Banff retail store-the Bear and the Butterfly. 


Voices from the Valley features a new profile each week of amazing people, from adventurers to artists to professional athletes, which includes environmentally conscience Gini Dalgas, that will be airing this month. On Tape is continuing to showcase engaging weekly features including the upcoming talk on Living with Bison featuring Tim O'Donoghue, Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, and Kevin Van Tighem, Superintendent of Banff National Park, which is set to air this February. Park Radio attends most of the presentations in the Bow Valley and if you happen to miss them on air you can tune into the podcasts here whenever you get a chance. Keep your eyes open for the new launch of Park Radio’s QR Codes in the following months, in which you can download and listen to the latest podcasts with your smart phone. You can also look out for a candid conversation with Camara Miller, host of Affecting You, speaking with Hamish MacLean, editor of the Canmore Leader, in the upcoming issue of the Banff Crag & Canyon and the Canmore Leader. Last but not least, the DJ’s of Park Radio have been giving up to date road, weather and avalanche reports on a regular basis to keep you and yours safe this winter season. Be sure to tune into Friends of Banff Park Radio 101.1 fm, or online, for all the newest shows and programming.

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