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Hey Dude - where’s my Satellite?

Twenty-five grade 8 and 9 students in Jason Ell's Outdoor Education Classes at Banff Community High School were recently given an introduction to GPS (Global Positioning Systems) with Ali Buckingham, Data Management Specialist with Parks Canada. Day 1 in the classroom was an introduction to map coordinate systems and how to interpolate coordinates onto a map to find a location, how GPS works (trilateration) and  how to mark and find waypoints.


The following week the classes applied what they learned in Central Park by
following a virtual geocache course Ali created for them. Each group was
given coordinates to enter into their GPS unit that took them to clues at
different locations that eventually led them to the final coordinates where the
'treasure' was located. These sessions were hosted as part of the  "Classes
in the Park" program developed in partnership between the Friends of Banff,
Parks Canada and Canadian Rockies Public Schools to provide learning
experiences for BCHS students in their natural outdoor classroom, Banff
National Park.

To find out more about geocaching in Canada's national parks, go to:



The Friends of Banff would like to acknowledge and give thanks for the

generous support of Parks Canada and the Government of Alberta for the

Community Spirit Grant that we received for the "Classes in the Park" program.

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