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Canadian Parks Companion- iPhone Application

Celebrate the new Candian Mountain Parks Companion - Banff Edition!  Learn about the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park using this new iphone application. 

Featuring "Augmented Reality" to identify the peaks, this new iPhone application is truly the perfect companion for anyone wishing to fully experience the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park.  As well as augmented reality, it features automatic GPS mapping and interpretive information for over 250 mountains and points of interest with over 400 photos.

The Canadian Mountain Parks Companion - Banff Edition is the best of any Banff National Park guide, at your fingertips, anytime!  This past Friday, October 29th we had a launch at the Banff Public Library.  About fifty pepople came out to learn more about this fantastic new application developed by interpretive guide and author Dave Birrell and his friends in conjunction with the Friends of Banff National Park.  The iPhone application is now available through the Apple Apps Store or by clicking on the following link:

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