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BioBlitz at Banff National Park

Join Friends of Banff and Banff National Park to an entire day of family-based nature and art activities for May 22, International Day for Biodiversity. Join staff, friends and volunteers getting to know our local nature.

8 am - 9:30 am - Meet local photographer Amar Athwal on an Early Morning Bird and Nature Photography Walk at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Don't like to wake up with the birds? No problem, visit the Cave & Basin Marsh throughout the day and tell the staff what you see. Ask them to introduce you to the most endangered species in the park too.

10 am - noon - Stroll with Sachi Aida, of the Friends of Banff, to the Vermilion Lakes – Banff National Park's local oasis for birds and other animals. Meet in front of the Park Museum.

Noon - 4:00 pm - Discover why the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site is the place to see local wildlife. Take in one or all of the events planned for the afternoon – inside and outside the museum. Sketch the local mountains, learn how to draw animal cartoons, test your wildlife knowledge with park staff, or rent a Friends of Banff Discovery Pack for your own nature discoveries.

2 - 4 pm - It's flower season, so come to Johnson Lake and see what's blooming. Park staff and volunteers will introduce you to some of the local wildflowers.

Pick up your Get to Know Field Journal with artwork by Robert Bateman at the events, or at the Park Information Centre, 224 Banff Avenue. Log into the Get to Know website and submit your photos of the day and your artwork to the BioBlitz gallery or to the Robert Bateman Get to Know contest.

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