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The Banff Legacy Fund

The Friends of Banff is able to leverage their future charitable status to increase funding for the Banff Legacy Fund and 'Classes in the Park' program.  To get the ball rolling, profits on all Friends of Banff merchandise created for the Banff 125 celebrations will go directly into the Banff Legacy Fund.

Consistent with the goals of the Banff 125 initiative is the 'Classes in the Park' program.  'Classes in the Park' was jointly developed by the Friends of Banff and Parks Canada with the intention of increasing understanding, appreciation and advocacy for the Park and our unique ecosystems.  Developed in accordance with the Alberta Education Curriculum, 'Classes in the Park' aims to reach out to the regional youth market. 

The Banff Legacy Fund supports fundraising initiatives for the 'Classes in the Park' program and 'Classes in the Park' creates programming for students, allowing them to become stewards of Banff National Park.

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