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Atlantic Craft Show and New Retail Products

The girls from the Friends of Banff just got back from the east coast where they attended the 34th annual Atlantic Craft Trade Show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The craft industry in Atlantic Canada is widely recognized for their abundant creative talent, which sets the stage for vibrant crafts, giftware and apparel. The Atlantic Craft Show has been an amazing opportunity for us to learn from counterparts in other provinces, to develop business contacts and to celebrate the successes in this industry. Many high quality beautifully hand-crafted products from the craft show will be featured in the Friends of Banff retail store, The Bear and the Butterfly, in these upcoming months. Including unique colorful thrummed mittens by Northern Watters Knitwear, as well as functional warm and durable hand knit English rib worksock style mittens, socks and toques, made with the finest quality oiled British worsted wool. These knitted accessories from Prince Edward Island are sure to keep you warm and toasty this winter season. Drop by The Bear and the Butterfly to check them out in early March. 100% of our profits from our retail stores are used to fund our educational programs and are reinvested into the national park.


Last but not least, be sure to stay current with the Friends of Banff website sidebars to keep up to date on all the newest books featured in our retail store and our podcast links, which features interviews with the authors of these books on Allan Buckingham’s show Alpine Authors.


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