Wildlife Crossings

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Driving along the Bow Valley Parkway gives visitors a great opportunity for viewing wildlife that live in the Bow Valley. The landscape along the Parkway is home for a large range of species such as moose in the shrub meadows, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep along the mountain slopes, and Elk feeding on aspens in the young forests. These habitats are sensitive and are located between two major highways; the Trans-Canada Highway 1 and the Bow Valley Parkway 1A. In order to ensure healthy movement of wildlife from each side of these highways, Parks Canada has implemented a plan to build wildlife crossings on the Trans-Canada Highway. Banff National Park’s wildlife crossings allow wildlife along the Bow Valley Parkway to be viewed in their natural environment. These crossings consist of underpasses and overpasses. They allow wildlife to safely cross over the highway and expand their movement and their home-range.