The Canadian Mountain Parks Companion

The Canadian Mountain Parks Companion is a unique way to experience the natural beauty and wonder of Banff National Park. Featuring “augmented reality” (a real, live world interpretation using iPhone technology), the Parks Companion allows users access to a wide variety of information about Banff National Park.




Using augmented reality, the Parks Companion allows users to process realtime images to identify mountains and lakes within Banff National Park. iPhone generated graphics give the name, distance and elevation of surrounding areas, providing instant access to information as you travel through the park.


The Parks Companion provides positioning in relation to mountains, lakes and points of interest using automatic GPS mapping, while giving interpretive and educational information such as park history and wildlife watching tips.  The companion features over 400 photos, allowing users to experience the brilliance of the Canadian Rockies—even outside of the park.



Meet Your Guide

Dave Birrell is a geophysicist, teacher and Canadian Rockies interpretive guide. He has authored two books: Calgary’s Mountain Panorama and 50 Roadside Panoramas, and his website provides detailed information about peaks, ranges and passes throughout the Canadian Rockies.



Created in assocation with Friends of Banff National Park, the Canadian Parks companion gives information and education about Banff National Park like never before. Visit to download this application on your Apple iPhone.