Wolf Edu-Kit

Aspens, wolves, elk and people.  This trunk studies the ecology and behaviour of wolves and encourages students to investigate biology, myths, biases, and values. Rent the kit to learn more about wolves. 


  • Size:  31” x 17” x  21”
  • Weight: 40lbs



  • Wolf and Coyote pelts
  • Wolf, White Tailed Deer Lower Jaw
  • Wolf, White Tailed Deer Skull
  • Wooden Wolf puppets
  • Wolf Track cast
  • Wolf, Coyote, White Tailed Deer rubber paw print
  • Wolf rubberized scat
  • Track stamps


  • Teachers’ Manual Wolves & Me
  • Alberta Environment Wolves, Their Biology and Ecology: Junior High Edition
  • Alberta Environment Wolves, Their Biology and Ecology: Elementary Edition
  • Wolves in Alberta
  • Animal Tracks of Western Canada by Joanne E. Barwise
  • Wolf Pack Tracking Wolves in the Wild by Sylvia A. Johnson


  • Let There Be Wolves by James Nash Alford
  • White Wolf by National Geographic
  • NFB Cartoons/Timber Wolf Alliance


  • Habitat Game
  • High power magnifying glass
  • Tape measure

Reserving a Kit

For more information or to reserve an edu-kit today, contact the Friends of Banff National Park at 403-762-8918  or send us an email to info@friendsofbanff.com

Click here to download a Wolf Edu-kit PDF.

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