Elk Edu-Kit

Wetlands, fire, flukes and predator-prey relationships are all part of this unique look at how our lives are intertwined with these majestic animals. Rent the kit to learn more about Elk.


  • size: 32” x 17” x 16”
  • weight: 40 lbs



  • Calipers
  • VHF radio tracking collar
  • Elk Ear Tag
  • Coloured Cards for Game
  • Female Elk Skull
  • Elk Lower Jaw
  • Human Teeth Cast
  • Black Bear Skull and Jawbone
  • Pellets - Elk, Moose, Deer
  • Tracks - Elk, Moose, Deer
  • Teeth - Moose, Elk Tusker
  • Belt Buckle from Antler
  • Elk Foreleg
  • Deer Foreleg
  • Second year male Elk spike
  • White-tailed Deer antler
  • Flaking tool made from Elk antler
  • Big Horn Sheep sheath
  • Elk Bugle
  • Elk Track Rubber Molds
  • Large Elk antler


  • Natural Elk Sounds by Larry D Jones
  • Think About the Planet by Remy Rodden
  • Video List
  • Wolves and Wapiti by Karvonen Films
  • Urban Elk by Parks Canada
  • Elk of the Northern Country
  • Out of Bounds by Parks Canada


  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Elk Country by Dr. Valerius Geist
  • Status of Elk in North America by S. Dwight Bunnell
  • Why Aspens Need Wolves, a Guide to Teaching Science 8, Interactions and Environments - CPAWS
  • Field Guide to Hoofed Mammals - Jasper and Banff National Park
  • Year at Elk Meadow by Jackie Gilmore
  • Welcome to the World of Moose by Diane Swanson
  • Deer, Moose, Elk and Caribou by Deborah Hodge
  • Animal Tracks of the Canadian Rockies
  • Nature Activity Book by Waterford Press
  • Animals of the Canadian Rockies by Rich Langshaw
  • Why the Y2Y?


  • Moose, Mule Deer, Elk, White-Tailed Deer, Coyote, Big Horn Sheep, Caribou, and Mountain Goat swatches
  • Overhead Projections
  • Elk Silhouettes
  • Elk Tagging Program Sheet

Reserving a Kit

For more information or to reserve an edu-kit today, contact the Friends of Banff National Park at 403-762-8918  or send us an email to info@friendsofbanff.com

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