Baby Bear Edu-Kit

In the middle ground between its reputation as a ferocious carnivore, and its ties to folklore as an overstuffed cuddly animal is the real thing: a curious loner with many human-like tendencies. Rent the kit to learn more about Bears.


  • size: 36” x 20” x 12”
  • weight: 50 lbs



  • Black Bear Track, Scat and Collar 
  • Black Bear Claws & Grizzly Bear Claws 
  • Whitetail Deer Scat & Tracks 
  • Coyote Scat; Coyote Tracks 
  • Black Bear Fur Samples (4 Colour Phases)
  • Canadiana Bag (11 Postcards)
  • Black Bear Skull
  • Whitetail Deer Skull
  • Coyote Skull
  • Gloves to handle Skulls (1 pair)
  • Black Bear Puppet (Grizzly Bear Puppet in JR Nats Bear Program)


  • Interpreting Bears – An Educator’s Manual
  • Bears by Kevin Van Tighem
  • The Great Bear Almanac by Gary Brown
  • Bear Attacks: Causes & Avoidances by Stephen Herrero
  • Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears by Deborah Hodge
  • Those Aren’t Teddy Bears by Kathleen Keefe
  • In The Path of the Great Bear by Carol McTavish


  • Bears and Man
  • Staying Safe in Bear Country
  • Andy Russell’s Grizzly Country
  • 32 images of bears in Banff National Park

Reserving a Kit

For more information or to reserve an edu-kit today, contact the Friends of Banff National Park at 403-762-8918  or send us an email to

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