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Fenland Trail



Follow the Mount Norquay Road from downtown Banff, cross the railway tracks, and continue 0.3 km to the Forty Mile Picnic Area.

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 51.18422561061781
Longitude: -115.58243751525879


2.1 km (1.3 mi)



Round Trip Time

30 min

Elevation Gain


Winter Hazards

From late May through early June, the trail can be closed due to Elk's calving.

Things You'll See

This short but interesting walk on the edge of the town of Banff loops through forest at the eastern edge of the Vermillion Lakes marshland. The trail runs beside the meandering waters of Echo and Forty Mile Creeks and loops through a spruce forest carpeted with bunchberry and a green cloud of horsetails.

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