Friends of Banff Explore Banff National Park!


Meet Callum Snape! 

Callum moved to Canada from England in 2010 with a goal of teaching snowboarding!  He started working for Friends of Banff in spring 2011, in the retail department.  It didn't take long for the rest of us friends to realize that we had an artist in our midst.  Callum also came to Canada to pursue his dream of photography, and Friends of Banff has been happy to have someone as talented as Callum  working for them in retail, and now in social media, and his favorite part - Photography! Check out Callum's professional website by clicking here!


"Each photograph has a story behind it, as well as the opportunity to educate people about the importance and the preservation of our environment. - Callum Snape"

Come and Share your adventures in Banff National Park! 

Photo courtesy of Callum Snape - Friends of Banff National Park

Photo courtesy of Callum Snape - Friends of Banff National Park

Several  of the Friends of Banff National Park employees are writing blogs this summer about our adventures in the park!  Visit our Summer 2011 Friends of Banff National Park Explore Banff National Park blog and let us know what you think!  If you have an adventure of your own that you would like to add let us know in a comment and we can add it to our blog as well!  Here's the link

Cultural heritage

Learn about Banff's history and heritage buildings through our Cultural Heritage blog. Download our Historical Walking Tour here.

Many of the historic buildings in Banff are private residences and may be viewed only from the sidewalk but you can explore the interiors of some of these buildings every August as part of Doors Open Banff.

Click here to visit our Cultural Heritage blog.

Natural history

Almost all visitors of Banff National Park have a wildlife encounter to tell. It can be through the comfort of your car window or on a trail, but wildlife is abundant in the park and an important part of the visitor’s experience.

During the summer months, the Canadian Rockies turn into a vivid and colorful wildflower garden. Being able to recognize the plants that one can encounter and to call them by name is an important step to understand, appreciate, and preserve Banff National Park. Click here to visit our Natural History blog.

Outdoor Experiences

Banff National Park, located in the Canadian Rockies, offers hundreds of kilometers of very good trails for hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing etc. Some is known by its scenery, others by wildlife, some by wildflowers but you can certainly find a trail suitable for your level of experience and taste as we have it all! Visit our Outdoor Experiences blog to start planning your next trip to Banff National Park.