On January 9th, 1990, a steering committee comprised of a group of local Banff citizens met to determine a name for a new organization, create a statement of purpose and to develop a set of bylaw. Stewart Crerar, Peter Duck, Jeanette Fish, Tannis Naylor, Jon Whyte and Jeff Waugh (representing Parks Canada) were all part of the original steering committee and the name that they came up with was the Friends of Banff National Park. The vision that came from that original meeting was “The Association provides ways to appreciate the natural, geographic and cultural heritage of Banff National Park and its interrelationship with the rest of the earth. It is a democratic, non-profit association involving individuals, organizations and businesses." Thus began the Friends of Banff.

The Friends of Banff Logo

The logo for the Friends of Banff National Park came from a competition that was held in the Banff Elementary School.  Monika Nowatschin, a budding artist in 6th grade was the winner and her logo remains today.  It reflects the original vision of the Friends of Banff National Park.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest protected area. Established in 1885, the Park’s extraordinary natural beauty and rich cultural heritage consistently draw large numbers of visitors from around the world.

Such intensive human use represents a huge challenge.  How do we manage the Park’s ecological integrity while at the same time ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors?  To a great extent, the answer lies in education and in raising people’s awareness of the importance of striking a balance between human use and the needs of plants and animals.